RAC Route Planner

Congratulations you have found your way to the RAC Route Planner website which is a information website about the RAC Route Planner. The site aims to bring you all the information you will need about the best way to use the route planner and will also provide information about various different routes you can take to plan your journey. The website also aims to bring you information on other rout planners to via a route planner copmparison..

How to use the RAC route Planner

Using the RAC route planner is pretty easy and simple. The first step is to open up your internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari and type in the following http://www.rac.co.uk/route-planner/. Once you have done that you should see something similar to the image below this will then allow you to input your journey details:

Thats it you are done. Now you will get to see how much miles your journey is and the best route. You can also find out the cost of fuel for your journey via the fuel costs tab.